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FAQ Page

Yes there are some occasional blackout dates. Make sure to carefully read all of the fine print on each discount certificate. It will go over any blackout dates or restrictions of use. If you have additional questions beyond the fine print sections, email info@legion-inc.com.

Please note that although you may purchase for other individuals, there are some discount certificates that restrict use of all of the offers on the discount certificate to one person per card. For example, most of the wellness certificates are one person per card only because wellness centers register individuals and keep track of redemption.

Although you are not allowed to share your unique company password with those outside of the company, you may purchase as many as you would like for friends and family.

Unfortunately, the discount certificates are exclusive to each company for the time period indicated when you receive the unique password. After that time period the password will expire and you will not have access to the site until the next allotted time for your company.

No. We will send your packages in the mail. We recommend you put down your home address, not your work address. To view shipping policy, see Terms & Conditions.

Generally speaking, you can just show up! There are some instances in which local businesses need a reservation in advance. If this is the case there will be clear instructions on each discount certificate that will walk you through the reservation process. For example, many of our salons and spas require a reservation as well as advanced notice that you are using a Legion, Inc. discount certificate.

It is simple. We work with over 2,000 of the largest organizations in and around Chicago. We are currently working with Fortune 500 Companies, Top Rated Hospitals, and Government Agencies. Merchants make these discount certificates available because we are advertising to thousands of corporate employees every week.

Legion, Inc. sends discount certificates via the United States Postal Service on the business day following the day your order is placed. $5.00 is added to each order to account for shipping and handling costs. Delivery dates vary. Please see Terms & Conditions for shipping policies.

Your discount certificate will be an 8½ by 11-inch cardstock sheet (that folds in half). On the right side of your certificate, there will be coupons that either punch out when you use them or have hole punches. The certificate will also include a specific FAQ for the deal, fine print, and expiration date.

Please see the Returns and Refunds section of the Terms & Conditions. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. If you have further questions about our policy, email info@bay-inc.com.

Discount certificates have an expiration date. If you have not used the discount certificate at all and that discount certificate expires, you can contact info@legion-inc.com to receive the same discount certificate with a new expiration date. If you have used the discount certificate at least once, have made back the amount paid for that discount certificate, and that discount certificate then expires, you forfeit your right to receive the same discount certificate with a new expiration date. If you have not made back the amount paid for the discount certificate, we will refund you the difference between the amount paid and the amount you have made back on the discount certificate. Please see Terms & Conditions for Return and Refund policies.

Let us know at info@legion-inc.com. We are always adding new merchants and love to work with new companies and organizations. Thanks for thinking of us!

Generally, the discount certificates expire between six and eighteen months after purchase.