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About Us

When we first started, we had what we thought to be a lofty goal of working with one hundred companies in the Bay area. When we met that goal quickly, we aspired to increase our efforts and reach a new, more ambitious goal of working with three hundred. Since 2011, we have continually exceeded expectations and have gradually built up our clientele to over 2,000 organizations. We are currently working with Fortune 500 companies, top rated hospitals, and government agencies.

The reason for our growth is simple. We have created an exclusive savings program that provides corporate employees with great local deals. We set up a password for each organization and the employees can shop our site for an allotted time. Once the password expires, the employees no longer have access to the site. What makes us unique is that we only offer this service to companies and never to the general public. This is why over 150 local merchants are willing to give us great deals for corporate employees in the Bay area.

We also credit our success to our culture. If we could describe ourselves in a few words they would be youthful, friendly, hardworking, and customer oriented. Our small business culture has allowed us to build personal relationships with all of our clients and maintain quality customer service. We look forward to increasing our clientele and continuing to offer great deals to hardworking corporate employees.